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Mike Gabrail

  • Attorney
Mike is an accomplished professional who focuses primarily on commercial transaction matters, tax policy, and public policy litigation. His extensive experience in real estate and operating business transactions positions him well to assist others in their commercial matters.
He has spoken extensively with Ohio lawmakers on property tax reform, having testified at the Ohio Senate on legislation aimed at curbing local governments’ abuses of the property tax system. Additionally, he concentrates on protecting private property rights, collaborating with organizations to challenge eviction moratorium regulations, point-of-sale inspections, and other unconstitutional overreaches by governments that hinder property owners.
In 2014, Mike obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Case Western Reserve University, graduating magna cum laude, having previously earned his accountancy degree from Miami University in 2011.
An avid golfer, he resides in Akron, Ohio, with his wife, three daughters, and two dogs.