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Attorney Yao Liu Answers Questions Regarding China’s New Foreign Investment Laws

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2019 | Firm News

In the June 2019 post, “China’s New Foreign Investment Law and Its Implications on Foreign Investors,” we announced the publication of  Cavitch attorney, Yao Liu‘s, article in the issue of the May 2019 Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal detailing China’s new foreign investment law and the implications of that law on foreign investors.

This month Yao Liu’s expertise is featured in a video of CLE seminars, focused on legal education, in Davis Oakmont Journal Vol. 2.   Yao delivers his expertise and answers questions in this video including:

Overview of the Recently Passed China Foreign Investment Laws

Mr. Liu discusses why China passed this new foreign investment law to address new social and economic conditions. Watch the video to see Yao explain the reasons and history behind the new law and the former China foreign investment laws it replaces.

Is Market Access for Foreign Investment Affected Under the New China Law?

Yao Liu also reviews the old restrictions and approval process on the scope of business for foreign investors in China and compares that to the new law.

How Does China’s New Foreign Investment Law Replace the Catalog Approach?

Mr. Liu compares the new Chinese Negative List approach of foreign investments to the former Catalog approach it replaces to explain how many restrictions have been lifted.

Does China’s New Foreign Investment Law Level the Playing Field for Foreign Enterprises in China?

Under the new law, both domestic and foreign enterprises can benefit from new policies, as well as foreign companies can equally participate in the process of government purchasing.  Previously, the government purchasing gave priority to domestic products. Learn more from the video.

Other topics Yao Liu covers include:

  • What are Economic Zones in Connection with China’s New Foreign Investment Law? (10:00)
  • What Are Forced Technology Transfers? (11:43)
  • How is the New Chinese Foreign Investment Law Addressing Forced Technology Transfers? (14:42)
  • How Does the New Law Affect Foreign Enterprises Created Under the Old Law. (17:05)

Read Yao’s article “With Passage of the Foreign Investment Law China Is Entering a New Era” in the Attorney At Law Magazine and contact Yao Liu for his legal counsel and expertise as a bi-lingual and bi-cultural lawyer, trained in both the United States and China.  He routinely assists clients with unique issues that arise in cross-border transactions.

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