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Highly Experienced Tax Services Attorneys Based In Ohio

At Cavitch Familo & Durkin Co., L.P.A., our tax attorneys have extensive experience handling a wide range of federal, state, local and international tax matters. Our goal is to provide our clients with straightforward, practical tax advice to help them structure their business transactions in the most cost-efficient and advantageous manner from a tax perspective. Based out of Northeast Ohio, we serve clients around the world.

Our tax practice delivers significant value to our clients’ businesses by carefully reviewing each particular set of tax circumstances and helping to achieve the most favorable tax positions and outcomes, whether this involves a specific business transaction or assistance with structuring everyday business operations. We have represented and counseled a broad spectrum of clients, including local companies and individuals, startup companies, institutional investors, business owners, investment funds and their sponsors, family offices, and investment, merchant and buyout firms.

Knowledgeable Counsel On A Range Of Tax Issues

We offer our clients representation and counseling in a wide range of adjacent matters that involve complex tax concerns. Some of our legal services include the following:

  • Entity formation and structuring: Providing guidance on choice of entity issues for business startups, joint ventures and private equity and investment funds. This includes organizational structure simplifications.
  • Investment advice and compliance: Including private equity fund investments, portfolio companies and more.
  • Corporate reorganizations and recapitalizations: Structuring both taxable and tax-free domestic and international corporate reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.
  • Business succession planning: Proactive estate planning to minimize the impact of taxes and prepare for business succession.
  • Tax controversies: Handling federal, state and local tax controversies, including unpaid taxes, audits and working out installment agreements.
  • Tax code: Compliance and guidance regarding the U.S. Tax Code for individuals, family businesses and large corporate entities.
  • Real estate concerns: Like-kind exchanges, debt workouts and property taxes.

Further, we can provide alternative dispute resolution services and litigation support if needed.

Why Select Us For Your Tax Law Counsel?

There is no shortage of tax law firms in the nation. As a large, full-service law firm, we have the power and reach to solve a vast spectrum of concerns, facilitate dispute resolution and advocate for your best interests. For businesses, working with our firm can be advantageous because it means they can get comprehensive advice and services tailored to their specific needs, including how to reduce tax liability. Whether you are looking at tax-efficient structuring for a new limited liability company, preparing for a tax audit, navigating complex tax regulations for a multinational operation or requiring representation in a dispute with tax authorities, our team of tax lawyers is prepared to assist you.

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