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Cavitch Attorneys Support Empower Sports

by | Jan 23, 2024 | Firm News

Cavitch is proud to be one of the sponsors of Empower Sports for 2024. They are a vibrant community committed to ensuring no athlete is left on the sidelines. In 2012, Empower Sports began with a basketball clinic aimed at welcoming players of all abilities. The founders realized the importance of tailoring programs to individual needs, resulting in a beautifully diverse group of players and volunteers.

This year, Cavitch has been instrumental in supporting Empower Sports. Along with sponsoring the organization, our attorneys Nolan James, Cory Martinson, Eric Sarmiento, Matt Mullins, and Milica Prica volunteered and participated in the January 22, 2024, game.

Tom Heines, Executive Director at Empower Sports, and Nolan James have been particularly influential in initiating and fostering this partnership between the two organizations. James said, “Getting involved felt like a natural fit for me. At Cavitch, we are about helping people. This game was an extension of that. We had the pleasure of playing basketball with Empower Sports, which meant having fun on the court, creating lasting friendships, and experiencing a sense of community I will always cherish.”

By bridging the gap, this partnership exemplifies the profound impact that can be achieved when organizations come together for a shared vision. With Cavitch and Empower Sports joining forces, the horizon for inclusive sports is brightly illuminated, promising a future where no athlete is left out of the game.

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